Redes da Maré is an institution created by residents of Maré, where around 140 thousand people live. In our social projects, we directly benefit more than 4,500 residents, in addition to their families and neighbors. These are actions in the areas of education, art, culture, memory, public security and territorial development that seek to overcome the historical inequality faced by favela populations, with special attention to certain social segments, such as children, youth and women.


Campain Objective

To reach institutional networks and individuals for donations of material items and financial resources for the purchase of basic items to bedistributed to residents of Maré who, during the Coronavirus crisis, demand greater care and attention.



Coverage Territory

Maré is a group of 16 slums located in the North Zone of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, between Avenida Brasil and the Red and Yellow Lines, with an area of ​​around 5km2, and legally recognized as a neighborhood since 1994.

According to the 2013 Maré Census, the 16 favelas have 139,073 inhabitants, distributed in 47,758 households.In population terms, it is the most populous set of slums in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, of every 49 residents in the municipality, one resides in Maré, making this neighborhood the 9th most inhabited of the 162 existing in the city.

Data from the 2010 Demographic Census, the 2013 Census Maré and the user registrations of Redesindicate that at least 55% of the residents (more than 76 thousand people) live below the poverty line used by the World Bank, which takes into account the degree of Brazilian development.Also according to this framework, 9% of residents (about 13 thousand people) are in extreme poverty.

According to the Maré Census, there are 10,262 inhabitants over the age of 60 in the 16 favelas. Of these, only 7.3% (750 people) have access to any private health service, mostly because they are linked to their children's functional health plan.

In total, only 12% of residents (less than 17 thousand people) have access to private health.

Priority target for donations:


  • Vulnerable families assisted by the projects of Redes da Maré and other social organizations operating in the territory, such as NGOs, neighborhood associations and churches. This public is already mapped by the professionals of the institutions, boosting access to those who demand more attention, such as the elderly, people with comorbidities and people in situations of extreme poverty.

  • People looking for Redes da Maré or who are referred by partner networks.

  • Users of Espaço Normal (Reference Center on Drugs of Maré).Population with alcohol and other drugs dependence who, in part, live on the streets.

  • Informal workers who have no regular income.

Preferred items for donation:


  • Non-perishable foods, such as rice, beans, pasta, cornmeal, sugar, etc.

  • Foods that contribute to immunity, such as powdered milk, tuna, sardines and lemon, for example.

  • Personal hygiene items, such as liquid or bar soap, alcohol, paper towels, wet wipes, napkins, toilet paper, etc.

  • Cleaning items, such as bar soap, bleach, alcohol 70, washing powder, disinfectant, detergent, multipurpose towels, garbage bags, etc.

  • Mineral water.

Eyes on Corona

How the PRE-REGISTRATION works to order baskets:

We provide this channel to receive contact from families in greater social vulnerability for a PRE-REGISTRATION, and future assessment by our social team, for the possibility of receiving basic baskets.

Pre-registration must be done by sending a text message or WhatsApp written message with full name, address and phone number. Wait for the return of our social team.

55 21  99924-1819



Be a volunteer!

Help the poorest families of Maré! You can support with logistics and also in the distribution of baskets to the families or with other activities, depending on your availability. Get in touch by phone and learn more!

55 21  99579-1819

Donation forms


  • People or companies that want to donate food, water, personal hygiene items or cleaning products taking the donation to a collection point. The collection site will be the Maré Artes Center (address below), which will operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 2pm and 5pm, for this purpose. 
  • People or companies that want to donate (food, water, personal hygiene and cleaning items) directly at the collection site. The location will be the Centro de Artes da Maré (address below), which will operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 2pm and 5pm, for this purpose. For larger deliveries or out of the opening hours, please contact us by email at or by phone at +55 21 99907-3154. 
  • Deposits at Redes da Maré bank account (bank details below).

    The incomes shall be used to purchase the items listed above. It should be noted that purchases will be made, primarily, with small local entrepreneurs, aiming at the circulation of resources within Maré in this period of crisis.

Bank Accounts

Associação Redes de Desenvolvimento da Maré | CNPJ: 08.934.089/0001-75 

Banco do Brasil - 001
Agency: 0576-2
Account: 160.568-2 
International donations:
IBAN Code: BR15 0000 0000 0057 6000 1605 682C 1

Banco Itaú S/A - 341
Agency: 0023
Account 543.38-2
International donation:
IBAN Code: BR83 6070 1190 0002 3000 0543 382C 1
Swift Code: ITAUBRSP 



Planned to take place over a three-month period, the campaign is an initiative of Redes da Maré with institutional partners, such as Ekloos Rio against Corona, 342 Artes, Grupo Ação Impacto, Urbanistas Contra o Corona, Welight, Luta pela Paz, Observatório das Favelas, Uerê, Residents' Associations and individual donors. Donations can be food, personal hygiene and cleaning items, as well as financial resources. These donations are being directed to three actions that are already taking place:


(i) Residents of Maré in a situation of greater social vulnerability. In this case, we have a social team that is mapping these families based on information from Maré Census, and a database of other institutions like the City Hall of Rio and other organizations that operate in the region. Join to this mapping families that are in direct contact by WhatsApp number of the project of Redes da Maré called “Maré de Direitos”. In the context of the Coronavirus crisis, we created an offshoot of this initiative called “De Olho no Corona!” (Eyes on Corona) For a PRE-REGISTRATION and evaluation of the possibility of giving support for those people who come to us spontaneously.

(ii) Production, at first, of 200 daily meals for people on the street, primarily in the Crack Scene, which is located on Rua Flavia Farnese and Avenida Brasil.

(iii) Allowance for women who will be in charge of producing meals. These women lost their income due to the cancellation of all the events they usually have. The first week of the Campaign mobilized financial and material resources, in addition to a team of volunteers to work in the logistics that is concluded with the delivery of basic baskets at people's homes and meals on the streets.


CAMPAIGN DURATION: March to May 2020.


  • 6,000 basic baskets for the poorest families of Maré;
  • 6,000 hygiene and cleaning kits for the poorest families of Maré;
  • 6,000 ready-made meals, 200 per day, with a capacity to reach 500 per day, depending on food donations, for people living on the street in Maré;
  • Allowance for women of ‘Maré de Sabores’ project who lost their source of income with the stoppage of the provision of their services. They will work during the campaign in the preparation of the hot meals.

Transparency and Accountability:

The amount and destination of the donations received by Redes da Maré, whether of material or financial resources, will be publicly informed, as is already the case with donations to the institution's projects.

The information will be updated on this website until the end of the campaign, a balance sheet will be made available for accountability purposes.


First week pics:

Place where donations will be received and stored:


Maré Arts Center - CAM

Address: Rua Bittencourt Sampaio, 181 – Nova Holanda – Maré

Tuesdays and Thursdays

From 2pm to 5pm.

(at another time, arrange by phone+55 21 99907-3154 or email

Protection measures for collection and distribution (as directed by Fiocruz):

For the donor: all material must be sanitized and placed in plastic bags (tied) or cardboard boxes (sealed).

For our team: the teams will be mobilized in exclusive shifts and each employee will work with sanitized hands and wearing gloves.

Purchase of products: materials will be delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the time the team is available to receive them. The supplier must seal the material following the same guidelines of donors.


Preparation and distribution of basic baskets::


The baskets must contain food items, personal hygiene and cleaning products. Delivery will take place, preferably, on Mondays and Fridays.

The distribution will be supported by the social team of Redes da Maré to organize routes and meeting points. Deliveries will also be scheduled in certain locations, such as the facilities of Redes da Maré (Headquarters, Lona Cultural, Vila dos Pinheiros unit and Casa das Mulheres), limiting delivery to five families per hour, in order to avoid crowds.

Specific and large quantity of materials will have exclusive organization and distribution logistics.


Bank details for donation:

Associação Redes de Desenvolvimento da Maré | CNPJ: 08.934.089/0001-75


Banco do Brasil - 001
Agency: 0576-2
Account: 160.568-2 

For international donation:
Código IBAN: BR15 0000 0000 0057 6000 1605 682C 1


Banco Itaú S/A - 341
Agency: 0023
Account: 543.38-2

For international donation:
Código IBAN: BR83 6070 1190 0002 3000 0543 382C 1
Código Swift: ITAUBRSP