‘Write your Future’ counts with 7 classes in 3 shifts (morning / afternoon / night) located in different communities of Maré, expanding the possibility of women's participation. There are about 120 women assisted - starting at 15 years old - who have never attended school, or declare not knowing how to read and write. The project allows these women to reconciling formation, family and professional responsibilities.

The project Write your Future – Literacy for Women in Maré is realized by Redes da Maré with sponsorship by Lâncome and in partnership with Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. It’s objective is to teach teenager and adult women, who didn’t have the opportunity to attend to school, how to write and read. 



Teachers: Alcicleia Ramos dos Santos, Ana Cláudia de Araújo, Carla Beatriz Barreto dos Reis, Jaqueline Soares da Silva, Maria Cleani da Silva da Costa e Jessica da Costa Pinheiro
Pedagocial Supervision: Edvania Ferreira Bezerra (UFRJ)
Pedagogical Coordination: Ana Paula Abreu Moura (UFRJ)
Coordinator: Alessandra Pinheiro



institutional partners

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ
Centro de Referência de Mulheres da Maré - CRMM
Associação de Moradores de Marcilio Dias
Associação de Moradores do Conjunto Esperança
Herbert Vianna Cultural Canvas