The Pre-College Examination Course is a consolidated heritage of Maré’s residents, and has contributed to the entry of more than 1,000 people, especially in public universities, since 1998, when it began its activities. The course offers preparation for residents to enter the university, giving each participant more information and training, enabling them to better elaborate their demands and to fight for changes in the territory. In this sense, the project develops a work from a different methodology, aimed at insertion in universities and expansion of critical thinking around social, political, economic and cultural issues. In 1998, less than 0.5% of Maré’s residents had entered higher education. Today, according to Census Maré, this contingent already represents 2.3% of almost 140,000 residents. The project has five classes, three at Nova Holanda, one at Vila dos Pinheiros and the other one at Vila do João Residents’ Association, with about 300 students. Classes happen from Monday to Friday, from 6:30pm to 10:45pm, and there are Saturday meetings for special classes, simulations and exercise correction.


Executive Coordinator: Luana Silveira

Pedagogical Coordinator: Ernani Alcides

Assistant: Clara França, Lidiane Felipe e Thais Martinez 

Teachers:    André Fonseca

                    Bruno Barros

                    Caiett Genial

                    Daniel Martins

                    Érika Silva

                    Ernani Alcides

                    Evaristo Neto

                    Everton Pereira

                    Fernanda França

                    Kim Ramos

                    Marcos Melo

                    Patrícia França

                    Vanessa Gomes

                    Letícia Rodrigues

                    Teresa da Cruz

                    Thiago Labre

                    Vitor Félix

                    Vitor Silveira

                    Paulo Victor Lino

                    Viviane Fernandes



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