The Pre-University Entrance Examination Course (Curso Pré-Vestibular - CPV) is a consolidated asset of the residents of the Maré, and has helped to secure places at university for over a thousand people, mostly at state universities, since 1988 when it started its activities. In 2016 alone, 65 applicants were approved.  It is a founding pillar and historic symbol of the great restructuring project of Redes da Maré in the region. The CPV offers preparation for residents of the Maré seeking to go to university, providing each participant with additional information and training, thus enabling them to better articulate their needs and fight for changes in the region.

In 1998, less than 0.5% of the residents of the Maré entered higher education. Now, according to the Maré Census, this contingent represents 2.3% of the population of almost 140 thousand residents. Currently, there are four classes for entrance examination candidates: three at the head offices of Redes, in Nova Holanda, and one at the Residents’ Association of Vila do João, making a total of 240 students. To apply, you need to be a resident of the Maré, but people who work in the region and live in low-cost housing also have priority. Would-be candidates take an interview in the hope of making a shortlist. Classes are held from Monday to Friday from 18:30 to 22:45, and there also meetings on Saturdays for practice tests and the correction of exercises.


Executive Coordination: Claudia Santos
Pedagogical Coordination: Ernani Alcides
Coordination Assistant: Lidiane Felipe
Social Assistant: Aline Ádria
Secretaries: Izabel (Nova Holanda) and Thais Martinez (Vila do João)
Educators: Ana Cristina, Bruno Barros, Caiett Genial, Daniel Martins, Érika Silva, Ernani Alcides, Evaristo Neto, Fernanda França, Kim Ramos, Marcos Melo, Patrícia França, Taís Maria, Teresa da Cruz, Vitor Lourenço, Viviane Fernandes and Wagner Andrade


Ireso, Kindermissiosnwerk, Instituto Phi, individual donators


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