Given the historical fact that the passage from 5th to 6th grade of Elementary School is one of the critical moments for school evasion, the Preparatory Course aims to expand the conditions of children living in Maré to participate in the selection processes. The classes also aim to improve the quality in school achievements for early grades.


Taking into account full-time schools of Maré, Portuguese and math classes take place in the late afternoon, Monday to Thursday, at the Lima Barreto Library. There are also weekly meetings on Fridays with social assistants and an educator to perform playful activities such as games and dynamics. In addition, every month the families are called to meet with the project coordinator. The Preparatory Course for Elementary School began in the 2000s, within the Petrobras Child Program in Maré, in the public schools of the region. Registration for the new classes is made at the beginning of each year, at Redes da Maré Headquarters.


Executive Coordination: Aline Ádria Borges

Pedagogical Coordination: Ernani Alcides

Assistant: Ester Campos

Teachers: Patricia Martinez, Flavia Cardoso e Daniel Martins




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