In 2006, Redes da Maré invited the architect and artist, Laura Taves, to run art workshops with a material that was well known to residents of the Maré, but not commonly found in artistic activities in the region: tiles. Since then, the project Atelier Azulejaria (‘Tile Studio’) has spread, bringing color to the walls of the Maré communities. From 2006 to 2014, it formed part of the Programa Criança Petrobras na Maré (Petrobras Children’s Program at the Maré), in municipal schools. Since 2015, in a new phase in the partnership, the tiling project gained a new space for the workshops at the head offices of Redes da Maré, equipped with a ceramic furnace.

Children and adolescents create their work based on literary stories, poems and fables, and they take shape in works of great critical and poetic potency, exploring the everyday lives of their communities and city. One of the landmarks of the project is Correspondências Cariocas - o Rio em 450 azulejos (Carioca Correspondence – Rio in 450 tiles) (2015), whose high point was the installation of a panel incorporating designs and phrases on the house of an old resident of the Maré, Dona Severina, in Nova Holanda.

Another important experience was Placas de Rua da Maré (Street Placards of the Maré), in 2012, part of the project Maré de Ruas e Histórias (Tide/Maré of Streets and Stories). Residents of Nova Holanda recalled stories about who had named the streets of the region, culminating in the fabrication of ceramic placards, in a re-reading of the classic street placards of Rio, with white lettering on a blue background. The placards with their white lettering on a blue background were placed in different streets of Nova Holanda, such as Sofia Azevedo, José Caetano and Sargento Silva Nunes, transforming a project about memory into something concrete. Placas de Rua da Maré gained international attention when it was selected to form part of the Brazilian exhibition at the Venice Architecture

Biennale, in Italy, in 2016. These placards also went on to become part of the collection of the Museu de Arte do Rio - MAR (Museum of Art of Rio).


Manager: Laura Taves
Educator: Marcya Queiroz

Classes / Prof. Marcia Queiroz
Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 16:00 to 17:30



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Arte, Cultura, Memórias e Identidades

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Arte, Cultura, Memórias e Identidades

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Arte, Cultura, Memórias e Identidades

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