The creation of the project Maré de Sabores / Maré of Flavors, with gastronomy workshops for residents of the Maré, in 2010, was the starting point for a larger plan of Redes da Maré: to link territorial development to initiatives related to the field of gastronomy. Based on training, Maré of Flavors opened up another work front: the buffet of the same name, which uses workers trained in the workshops and classes, to serve the entire city. Another initiative was the Favela Food Festival (Festival Comida de Favela), held in 2015 in the 16 communities of the Maré.

# Maré/Tide of Flavors - Training

The project emerged from a demand of the mothers of students of the CIEP Operário Vicente Mariano state school, in Baixa do Sapateiro. From 2010, professional training courses began to be offered in basic and advanced gastronomy, teaching recipes and techniques, reviving the culinary culture of the Maré, and promoting new eating habits based on healthy, organic, sustainable food. As part of the training, there are also workshops on gender, citizenship and entrepreneurship, where students are encouraged to reflect on autonomy, self-esteem and the role they occupy in society. Participants are also encouraged to envision new professional strategies, including opening their own businesses, both individually and collectively, to increase their income and that of their families.

Over the years, Maré/Tide of Flavors has trained over 500 women. Today, the headquarters of the project is at the House of Women of the Maré.


# Maré/Tide of Flavors Buffet

The second arm of Maré/Tide of Flavors has taken shape over the years before becoming a self-sustaining business. Since 2010, the buffet has organized over one thousand events, including coffee breaks, brunches, lunches, cocktail receptions, dinners and outsourced catering for companies, serving over 20 thousand guests and generating direct income for 70 families of the Maré. The menu is extensive with a strong northeastern influence, since 60% of the inhabitants of the Maré are from the northeast of Brazil or the descendants of northeasterners. There are delicacies which have become specialties of the buffet, such as salt-cod soufflé canapés, tapioca fingers with curd cheese served with molasses and tapioca milk pudding. The artisanal bread is another success story: including corn bread, manioc bread, herb bread, Australian bread, gluten-free bread and many other kinds.



Favela Food Festival – The event, whose first edition occurred in 2015, involved 16 bars/restaurants of the Maré, distributed throughout the different communities of the region, each producing a special dish or snack. For around two months, the residents of the Maré, visitors from outside the community and a specialist jury could vote on the best dishes and snacks. Around five thousand ballot papers were collected, proving the success of the event, which promoted local gastronomy and its traditions, and also broke symbolic frontiers in the region, allowing people from inside and outside the Maré to move between the different communities. The edition of 2013-2014 was sponsored by Rumos Itaú Cultural and staged in partnership with the Maré Views  Cinema School (Escola de Cinema Olhares da Maré - ECOM), the Popular School of Critical Communication (Escola Popular de Comunicação Crítica - ESPOCC) and Mórula Ideias, Mídia e Conteúdo.


Breaking Down Barriers - In 2016, Maré/Tide of Flavors in partnership with the company Afonso França Engenharia,  L’Oréal and Associação Horizonte staged the project Breaking Down Barriers, responsible for providing professional training in basic and advanced gastronomy and Entrepreneurship for 100 women.


Coordinator and Instructor of Gastronomy: Mariana Aleixo
Facilitator of the Gender and Citizenship workshops: Andreza Jorge
Producer: Naira Inácio
Operations Manager: Michele Gandra
Operations Assistant: Lívia Santos
Financial Manager: Elisângela Rangel
Financial Assistant: Priscila Oliveira
Chefs: Adriana Moreno, Carini Rodrigues, Denize Ribeiro, Josefa Pereira, Joice Silva and Priscila Oliveira



Phone Number: (21) 3105-5569



Fundo Socioambiental da Caixa Econômica Federal
L'Oréal Paris
Brazil Foundation
Rotary Club do Rio de Janeiro
Fundo Social Elas
Afonso França Engenharia
Instituto Lojas Renner
Consulado das Mulheres
ActionAid Brasil
Rumos Itaú Cultural Rumos 2013-2014
Muda Maré
Rede Ecológica do Rio de Janeiro
Feira Agroecológica da UFRJ 



2017 – Caixa Best Pratices Award
2012 – Millenium Objectives Award – ODM Brasil 4th edition, presented by the Secretary-General of the Brazilain Presidency, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
2011 – Certification of the Bank of Brazil Social Technology Foundation.


Em 2016, o Maré de Sabores em parceria com a empresa Afonso França Engenharia, a L’Oréal e a Associação Horizonte realizou o projeto Quebrando Barreiras, responsável pela qualificação profissional em Gastronomia básica e avançada e Empreendedorismo de cem mulheres.

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